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Cadiz: La joya de la corona

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Travel and exploration have always been integral to my life and growing up in Venezuela, I was fortunate to be inspired by the natural beauty of my birth country. My education began with a career in journalism as a creative writer in advertising, however, I soon realised, this was not the path for me and that my destiny was in travel!

This pushed me to take my first step the travel industry, alongside my sister. We set up a specialised travel agency creating dream honeymoon destinations within Venezuela and Caribbean.  We enjoyed a fabulous couple of years and designed memorable honeymoons for our clients, which was truly rewarding.  Sadly, there was already political instability in Venezuela in the mid-nineties, which meant progressing in our business pursuit was no longer an option.  I took a deep leap-of-faith and left my beloved homeland to travel and work in London knowing that this wonderful city would open to me new adventures.

My first role in London was working for one of the biggest, busiest tour operators.  This positively impacted on me but I knew my entrepreneurial spirit demanded an environment in which it could grow and flourish. I found my home in a bespoke smaller tour operator that allowed my individuality and creativity to positively contribute to its growth and success.  I stayed there for 16 wonderful and memorable years which gave me a versatile tool kit of industry skills and amazing contacts throughout the world.

All good things come to an end and I left in 2015. I wanted to use a mix of other passions I had long harboured to create a new business that would fully encapsulate my love of travel, photography and writing, hence in October 2015, NLDB was born.

As an independent consultant, I will provide to you my in-depth knowledge of all corners of Europe, an extensive network of contacts and my experienced contracting that will secure for you the most competitive deals. As a travel organizer, I will take pride and pleasure in creating distinctive and memorable tours to fit any special theme or interest your clients are seeking.

Finally, I would be promoting European towns and regions not normally on the traditional travel radar. I will take you on a travelogue journey of the mind and imagination, check out NDLB blog where I shall be posting amazing photography and write-ups on these many hidden gems of Europe for you to visit, discover and inspire you.

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Cadiz: The Crown Jewel of the ‘Costa de la Luz’  donde podremos conocer algo más de Cádiz a través de su visita a nuestra ciudad.

» Cadiz: The Crown Jewel of the ‘Costa de la Luz’

There is much more to Cádiz than its beautiful beaches and ‘Playa de la Victoria’. To visit Cádiz is to go back in time to colonial times, the glory of the period reflected in its architecture, splendorous baroque and historical buildings. Is good to know Cádiz was the centre of power in 19th century Spain, for few years even its Capital city (1810-1813) Cádiz even goes back 3000 years, Phoenicians and Romans settlements can be found all over the city.

The Cádiz Tourist Board kindly offered a day trip around the city so after meeting my very experienced lady guide, Luisa Garcia, we head towards our first visit, el ‘Mercado de los Abastos’ the fantastic food market, one of the most functional monuments of the city. Here you will find fish, meat, seafood, vegetables super fresh, and the best part? You can buy your catch of the day and take it to Taberna ‘La Bombilla’ they will be happy to cook it for you!

From there to the Roman Theatre and Cádiz Cathedral, both monuments in the barrio de San Juan, quite close to each other. The Roman theatre was discovered by accident in 1980 and it was opened in 2015. Here you can see a well preserve amphitheater, the oldest and second large in the world! The cathedral is ‘new’ dating from the 18th century, when Cádiz experienced an economic boom and needed it a bigger and more adequate cathedral.Next it was Yacimiento Gadir, Cádiz Phoenician archaeological site. Gadir was how the Phoenicians named Cádiz and this is a most interesting free attraction. Here you will witness the evolution of the city from its foundation 3000 years ago to now. A 10-min video (Spanish with English subtitles) will introduce you to the site and then you will be able to walk above it, see for yourself what their houses, kitchens and even household goods looked like.The last visit of the morning was to one of my favorite monuments, the Church of the Oratorio de San Felipe No only a very beautiful and unique baroque church, one of the few in Spain with an elliptical structure, but a place of extremely historical importance: this was the place where in 1812 the first Spanish constitution was created and signed, also where ambassadors from all over Latin-America in colonial times came to discuss and decide the destiny of the new world.

Lunch was probably one of the best I had in my long trip to Andalusia. We had lunch at the delicious Marmita Centro Restaurant near the Plaza San Antonio. An amazing tasting menu tapas lunch with wines was waiting for us, the next even better than the previous one! Prices for the quality quite affordable, you should not leave Cadiz without given this a try!

Best for last: La Torre Tavira, a climb to the top of the tower will offer you the best views over Cádiz, 360 degrees of this beautiful city and beyond! Tavira was the most important lookout tower in 18th Cadiz, as it was in the highest point in the old town. Is open all year round, and the best time to visit is around dusk where the beautiful golden light of ‘Costa de la Luz’ will allow you to take the most spectacular photos of the city »


Un repaso muy interesante de alguno de los lugares que ofrece nuestra ciudad al visitante.

Aprovechamos para agradecer la reseña que hace de nuestro restaurante La Marmita Centro en Cádiz Capital.

» Lunch was probably one of the best I had in my long trip to Andalusia. We had lunch at the delicious Marmita Centro Restaurant  near the Plaza San Antonio. An amazing tasting menu tapas lunch with wines was waiting for us, the next even better than the previous one! Prices for the quality quite affordable, you should not leave Cadiz without given this a try!

El almuerzo fue probablemente uno de los mejores que tuve en mi largo viaje a Andalucía. Almorzamos en el delicioso restaurante Marmita Centro cerca de la Plaza San Antonio. Un menú degustación con maridaje increíble.

¡El siguiente incluso mejor que el anterior!.

Precios por la calidad bastante asequible, no deberías salir de estaciudad sin darle una oportunidad!»

La Marmita Centro

Calle Buenos Aires 5-7 (entre plaza San Antonio y plaza Mina)

+34 956 21 52 27



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